Marking the Halfway Point in the Legislative Session!

Daniel Bennett, Vice President of Government Relations

Crossover marks the halfway point in the legislative session, when all bills that originate in the House and have been successful move on to the Senate and vice versa. As you have heard, this session has been one of the busiest in a long while.

The session started with over 1,000 bills filed, and close to 200 of those landed on NHADA’s watch list.

To emphasize how busy the House has been, I will quote the House Clerk Paul Smith from a twitter post: “Happy Crossover Day! We dealt with over 760 pieces of legislation in the past 3 months! Well done to all in the #nhhouse.”

That is a lot of work and bills. We have had some great successes at the Statehouse so far, fending off three separate attacks on the annual vehicle safety inspection program, which would have been significantly weakened as roads became more dangerous. These three bills showed a great example of grassroots success.

We were successful because NHADA members were engaged at the hearing and at home. We issued a call to action, and over 356 advocates sent out 21,750 emails. Representatives listened to their constituents and supported annual inspections and safe roads.

We are still fighting other battles: workers’ compensation bills; a hybrid/EV tax bill; a weakening of the distracted driving law; and enhancements to workforce, career and technical education programs; to name a few. We continue monitoring a family medical leave insurance bill and a road-use fee for fuel efficient vehicles getting over 20 miles per gallon. NHADA also is supporting a legislative study to review reimbursement rates in the collision repair industry.

The second half of the session will undoubtedly be jam packed and is likely to fly by. With the session ending almost a full month earlier than last year, and legislators eager to get back to their home districts and start campaigning — it is an election year after all — the pace will once again be hectic.

We will remain vigilant and vocal, looking out for the interests of the motor vehicle industry at the Statehouse.

As always do not hesitate to contact me on any legislative activity or issue at or call me at 800-852-3372.