Bringing You Success with Online Training

By Ryan Hale, Environmental, Health and Safety Consultant

Well, it’s been over two years since we rolled out our online training program. More than 70 members have used this program, and over two dozen businesses regularly use the site for their new hire and forklift training needs.

At this point, I would chalk this program up as a success. That said, only 5 percent of our current membership consistently uses this site for their new-hire training needs.

OSHA requires that certain trainings be provided by employers to new hires prior to their entering the work environment. These include trainings on Hazard Communication, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Evacuation, Bloodborne Pathogen Awareness, Automotive Lift Safety, Respirator Use and Personal Protective Equipment. NHADA’s online training program meets the requirements for these.

Additionally, these trainings have been bundled into different categories by job description. There are new hire trainings for technicians, parts employees, recon employees, and more. By taking this approach we keep the costs down — $10 per — for you and the member. Instead of taking, let’s say, five different trainings to meet requirements, our new hire training for technicians has all five in one, for example.

If you and your company have yet to set up an online training account, please contact a member of the Loss Prevention department. Set up is easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Even if you are a smaller employer that only hires one or two employees a year, this online training portal can be of value.The Loss Prevention department is willing to set up your account and add your new employee(s) as well as assign them the necessary courses.

Soon we plan to add additional non-safety courses to the portal such as Reasonable Suspicion training and possibly an EPA-approved 609 Freon certification.We are also able to customize a member’s account and add trainings that they currently use in house.

This online training is a significant value to you, our members. Call a member of the Loss Prevention department to schedule a visit at 800-852-3372 or email me directly at