Membership Eligibility

Definitions of Membership Categories Per NHADA Bylaws

Franchised: Franchised member shall mean any franchised individual, partnership, or corporation engaged in selling new automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, farm tractors, motorized recreational vehicles, or construction equipment dealers. Said entity shall be eligible for membership and shall have full voting rights.

Non-Franchised: Non-franchised member shall mean any individual, partnership, or corporation that is not a franchised member but is directly engaged in the motor vehicle industry. Said entity shall be eligible for membership and shall be known as a non-franchised member with full voting rights. "Directly engaged in the motor vehicle industry" shall include those businesses engaged in used motor vehicle sales, motor vehicle service, autobody repair, and motor vehicle parts sales, and franchised power equipment dealers, but shall exclude those businesses selling gasoline.

Associate: Any individual, partnership, or corporation which does not qualify as a franchised or non-franchised member but which is associated with the motor vehicle dealer business may become an associate member with no voting rights. This section excludes those businesses selling gasoline.

Members must not be involved in gasoline retail sales or be in the business of importing or selling new or used gray market vehicles. These vehicles are foreign-made vehicles, which are not originally manufactured to U.S. government safety and pollution control standards.